Today In Dystopian War Robots That Will Harvest Us For Our Organs…



Good morrow, Bluffkin! How dost thou find thouself this good day? Not afraid of robots? You should be! Our first robots of the day are Avidbots, a swarming cleaning team that can fix messy floors or suck you up and turn you into pink slurry. Huzzah!

Avidbots uses swarming patterns to figure out where your floors are dirtiest or, potentially, where refugees are hiding so it can eat them. The bots work together and can replace lazy humans in warehouses around the world.

Next up we have a charming robot called Justin that can clean windows. Why? The better to see you run, my dear!

Justin is made by the DLR, the German aerospace engineering center. Justin is supposed to clean up in space but it appears they’ve indentured him here on earth where he’s doing all sorts of cleaning duties – until he gets tired of it all…

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